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How We Got Started

I invented the patented leg bag holder, URO BAG PANT, for my father after he developed prostate cancer and had urinary incontinence.  He was able to get out of diapers after discovering urinary leg bags.  His life was renewed and he lead a more normal life - participating in more physical and social activities without the fear of the urinary leg bag falling down and causing an embarrassing incident.  He found my leg bag holder much more comfortable than tight, uncomfortable leg straps which constricted the circulation to his lower leg and would cause skin abrasions/open wounds on his leg.  This product renewed my father's dignity so that he could live a more normal life - and it put a smile on his face.  He would say, "I love these pants!" - which put a smile on my face!  Since I invented this product, we also sell our product to LONG HAUL TRUCKERS, PILOTS, FIREMEN, HUNTERS, etc.  Unisex product.   It's a great product for all!

For Medicare approved customers, please visit to review our Uro Bag System.